Our Experiences

We design intimate, elegant experiences based on our portfolio of brands. Each dynamic is dedicated to learning, having fun, sharing and allowing participants to enjoy each moment through all the senses. We pride ourselves on highlighting the extraordinary efforts of those who produce the exceptional beverages we choose to work with.

We host our Experiences in our own venues, Salón Rosario and El Salón, but can also bring them to you, to the occasion and the venue of your choice.


An encounter with the best of mezcal culture. Let one of our in-house experts guide you through a selection of our finest artisanal spirits. You’ll be seduced by these exquisite flavours and their stories. Our Mezcal Tasting is perfect for groups of friends, family or colleagues looking for an alternative, unforgettable evening out.


An interactive experience in which our mixologists take you on a sensory journey through the creation of mezcal cocktails. Explore flavour layers and learn bartenders’ secrets. We can also prepare delicious mocktails for those who prefer the virgin alternative. Ideal for Team Building as it encourages collaboration and creativity.


The perfect tasting for both the novice whisky enthusiast and the seasoned connoisseur. This is a wonderfully immersive experience of swirling, nosing and tasting. We tantalise the taste buds with the whiskies that we import ourselves from Scotland including those from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Goldfinch Whisky Merchants and The Gaelic Whiskies.


Think you know your spirits? Think you know what you like and don’t like? Think again! There’s nothing more democratic, fun and eye-opening than a blind tasting. Forget brands, forget marketing… close your eyes, focus on flavour and memory, let us take you on a journey of discovery. Whisky will never taste the same again, we promise.


Enjoy exquisite cocktails made with unique Mexican ingredients prepared by our world-class mixologists while you lose yourself in the music. Perfect for private groups of friends, family or colleagues looking for an intimate, fun, memorable evening to celebrate any occasion!