Our Services

Connecting the best producers with conscientious consumers

Import & Export

We care about our transport as much as our products. We work with a network of sailing cargo ships that operate across the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal seas of Europe. Just like the incredible spirits they carry, these ships celebrate a rich cultural tradition. Our products move between the UK and Mexico with little more than the wind in their sails and the sweat of the sailors.


We provide the highest quality products to the highest quality restaurants, bars and hotels across Mexico. The establishments we work with are not only interested in offering exclusive products to their clients but are passionate about understanding them inside out, learning about the makers, and transmitting that knowledge.

Experiences & Events

We offer a bespoke service and an ever expanding knowledge in the world of boutique spirits, cocktail culture, and flavours in general. From the science behind the products to the psychology of tasting, we’re very proud of our fantastically knowledgable team of experts. We can cater for corporate functions at your business or venue and private events at your home. We also have our own beautiful events venue in Mexico City, Salón Rosario, where we can look after you from beginning to end. Whatever your gathering, we can add something unique and interesting in the form of our range of tasting experiences.


At Sr. León we’re passionate about storytelling and being able to offer the highest level of expertise in our field. We don’t just deliver amazing products, we educate our buyers in them. We offer staff training for establishments already stocking our products, and tasting sessions for proprietors and managers interested in finding out more. We also offer bespoke cocktail menu consultancy for venues looking for distinctive creations to satisfy clients with increasingly high expectations.