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Rock Rose Gin: Sloe Berries


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A rich and fruity sloe gin, with a smooth, warming finish.

Rock Rose’s beautiful Autumn Edition Gin, a warm spirit packed with locally grown botanicals, berries and spices, is used as the perfect base for their sloe gin. They collect local elderberries and blaeberries, and use the best sloeberries they can find to make the perfect liqueur. Sweetened with muscovado sugar, the result is a thick, dark sloe gin which is jammy and tart, yet smooth and rich.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Fabulously fruity and spicy to nose.

PALATE: Delightfully thick mouthfeel, with rich jam like notes adding a tartness. Notice the elderberries and blaeberries coming though.

FINISH: Full bodied fruit flavours linger with a warming spice and sweetness.



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