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9 in stock

The Leith Export Co. set out to create the very definition of what a London Dry Gin should be; to do something very simple, but do it to perfection.

With juniper at its core, they use fresh lime peel and a hint of pink peppercorns to create a classic benchmark expression that is balanced, dry and intensely refreshing.

Tasting Notes

Juniper is the cornerstone of any true gin. It’s what makes gin gin. It evokes forest like imagery – fresh pine, juicy berries and earthy aromas.

Citrus is our signature top note not fruit pastel, confected lime, but zesty refreshing lime. We spend countless hours peeling our organic limes by hand leaving behind the pith and juice which we then use for cocktails on our tour.

Lime and juniper alone are not enough to create complexity in a balanced gin. We chose pink peppercorns because they have a little bit of everything, they have orange like citrus, warming spice and bursting with red fruits.



The Leith Export Co.


Lind & Lime





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